Redstone Company Limited is an Accra-based firm and a subsidiary of Mansa Holdings. The company specializes in Electrical & Instrumentation Sales/Service for a range of industries including:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Mining & Cement, and
  • Food & Beverage

The company is the sole agent in Ghana for Siemens Power Generation and bears the mandate to locally represent the company. The company, therefore, is your primary partner in the design of a unique power generation solution to suit your needs.

Redstone is a local distributor for Siemens’ Digital Industries (DI) portfolio which includes a wide variety of automation, instrumentation and low voltage equipment produced under the Siemens brand

The company also locally represents gear units and couplings manufacturer Flender, an acquisition of Siemens.

We operate each company and investment independently with the goal of creating long-term, sustainable value. At our very core, we aim to generate attractive investment returns by following a patient and disciplined approach, pursuing the highest standards of excellence, and developing both traditional and non-traditional solutions for our companies.

With multidisciplinary expertise, Redstone Company has the ability to develop new investment strategies, and focus solely on long-term opportunities. Redstone’s success is rooted in an attitude that is been forward-looking, pioneering, and committed to growing businesses.


Think Local. Act Global

We understand that the value we bring to companies has global ramifications, hence we treat each investment and business opportunity as an invaluable part of our success story. We hold the view that we are best able to add value and support our investments when we react quickly to market trends, and aggressively strive to offer competitive solutions.