The generation of electricity is vital for Ghana’s development. One of the primary concerns of the industry is safety, and rightfully so, we believe that the industry needs reliable, proven equipment and parts for its necessary service installations.

When you work with Redstone for a project or engage our services, you can be confident you are working with a company that values long-term relationships and understand that customer service is the key to success.



Choose from our product range of heavy-duty, industrial and aero-derivative gas turbines, ranging up to 567 MW. Depending on your requirements, Siemens provides the right solution and scope for your market-specific needs.


Siemens generators are the perfect solution wherever power has to be generated quickly, reliably and efficiently – whether on board of a ship or on an oil platform, in an industrial plant, a large gas or steam power plant or for renewables.

A. Generators for steam power plants

Our generators can be flexibly integrated into combined cycle power plants (CCPP), combined heat and power (CHP) and industrial power plants.

B. Generators for gas-fired power plants

We supply generators for large simple or combined cycle power plants, suitable for peak, intermediate or base load duty, as well as for cogeneration applications.

C. Generators for onshore use

You can benefit from our proven track record in oil and gas applications ranging from oil fields and refineries to the petrochemical industry.

D. Generators for offshore use

Our generators comply with recognized standards all over the world (e.g., API, IEEE, IEC) as well as specifications set by customers such as Saudi Aramco, Shell and BP.