Competitive pressure continues to grow in mining. To be successful, mining companies must continuously optimize mining costs and simultaneously ensure that the required quantities of materials are extracted in the required quality.

The best way for the mining companies to confront the major challenges such as declining ore grades, safety concerns, and volatile commodity prices is to improve operational excellence and embrace technological advances and innovations. Redstone represents a range of suppliers whose instrumentation and electrical components are used extensively in all types of mining applications throughout Ghana.  

Our company has developed a fully integrated and innovative product portfolio engineered to meet the needs and expectations of its customers in the country’s largest mining companies. Redstone has solutions for excavation, transportation, beneficiation, electrification, automation and digitalization that help optimize mining operations.

Redstone is committed to customer support. Our extensively trained staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of Redstone’s products and their applications. To provide personal attention to every customer, we have certified sales and service personnel for all Redstone Company Ltd. products.

When you work with Redstone for a project or engage our services, you can be confident you are working with a company that values long-term relationships and understand that customer service is the key to success.

We’ve supported many of our customers in Ghana and across the West Africa region, sharing experiences as their companies and markets have evolved. We listen, we understand and we become part of your team, helping you to maximize opportunities and overcome business challenges.